andrea grew up secretly hoarding family pictures and writing stories about them in her head. 

now she shoots her own photographs and puts the words onto paper, with a black ink pen, when possible. the extraordinary everyday is her main hustle, and she uses everything from an old polaroid SX-70 to a mix of 35mm film and digital cameras to distill the magic of the overlooked and unnoticed. 

her work has been exhibited in new york, portland and san francisco and featured in the publications flow, click, light leaks and digital photo mag  and in the book photobooth, the art of the automatic portrait. andrea is also a core contributor for the beloved UPPERCASE magazine, where her regular covet column features her polaroid photography and writing.

andrea is an experienced portrait, family, wedding and documentary photographer and will travel pretty much anywhere, folks. contact her at andreacorronajenkins@gmail.com for all inquiries.

find more of her everyday over on instagram and her long-running blog, hula seventy.